mixing stereo tracks

ive just downloaded audacity 2 for linux , but i cant see how to raise or lower the volume of each track seperately.ive recorded with a zoom h6 recorder just 2 instruments with the directional mics…i dont see the icon that has 2 triangles and a line through…

On Linux you usually install Audacity from your distribution’s repository.

Which distribution?

What are all three numbers of the Audacity version? See the pink panel above.

If you have hidden Tools Toolbar which has the Envelope Tool, see View > Toolbars.

You can also select each track (click above Mute / Solo to do that) and use Amplify or Normalize .

Or you can apply gain to each track using the -…+ sliders on each track. Gain is rendered to the waveform when you do Tracks > Mix and Render or when you export.

See Mixing Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual .