Mixing questions


i want to do a sound file to compare the tone of 2 different guitars. So i will use a rock beat on a track and overdub twice to record both sounds.
After i would like to silent the beat and altenate each guitar, say one riff from track1 then one riff from track2 in order to hear only one guitar at a time.

How would you do it ? I saw the mixing table, but i want to do it while exporting, is it possible ?

Thanks for advices…

You can’t do anything in real-time while exporting.

Try the [u]Envelope Tool[/u].

Or, it would be a step-up in complexity but a multi-track [u]DAW[/u] (Digital Audio Workstation) application will have [u]automation[/u] so you can program automatic up-and-down fader movements for each track during mixing. The concept is similar to the Envelope Tool, but DAWs are designed for multi-track mixing so after you get past the big learning curve it should be more user-friendly.

Many Thanks DVDdoug, it will do the trick, great !