Mixing one kind of Noise in multiple audio tracks

Hey there,

I have a noise and I want to add that noise to the audio tracks that I have in a folder. Can anyone please help me how to macro this all?

Are all of the files the same length?

Not exactly, the difference might be in ms which can be neglected.

The difference is in miliseconds, so we can say that the file lengths are the same.

In that case you just need the “Import2:” command to import the noise, followed by one of the Export commands (such as “ExportWav:”).

For more information about Macros: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/macros.html

Import2 has parameters Filename=" ". I want to add the noise in 50 audio files, do I need to manually add these names?

No, you only need to use Import2 with the “noise” file. You will then apply the macro to batch process the 50 audio files.

Thank you so much!