mixing many small fragments of audio which are of same tempo

these days i am working on some religious recitations (spiritual songs), of which i want to create some mp3 files, but the major problem which i am facing is mixing of two stanzas of that recitation, when ever i mix any two stanza i get an intermediary tone just like some thing is struck :angry: , and if i remove that strucking sound the song’s rhythm gets out of phase, please help me to get this thing fixed

Mixing is additive - it makes the sound louder. If the mixed result goes over 0 dB, it distorts. So the first thing to do is turn down the -…+ gain sliders on both tracks.

When you mix together two sounds the mixed result may click at the joins between the two sounds. In that case you have to crossfade the joins.

If you are still not sure, please post a screenshot of what you are trying to do. Please see How to attach files to forum posts .