Mixing Files-Starting Point


I am somewhat new to Audacity and have not been able to figure this out or find the answer anywhere else.

I’m trying to mix 2 sound files together, but I need one of the files to come in after the 1st one has already begun. How do I do this? I thought I could just “drag” the 2nd file to the correct position under the the 1st one, but either I’m doing it wrong or I can’t. How do I do this?

If any more information or clarification is needed, just let me know and I’ll gladly supply it. Thank you in advance. :smiley:

If you have two tracks, one above the other, and both tracks have continuous audio, then you should be able to drag either track left / right using the Time Shift tool.

Why can’t you? How are you trying to do it, and what happens when you try?

Hi Steve,

I was actually able to do it by making sure “Sync-Lock Tracks” was turned off, then using the Align Tracks, Start to Cursor commands. I actually didn’t even know about the Time-Shift Tool, so thank you for that. I greatly appreciate it.


— Gary