Mixing Board not working

Prior to upgrading I had no problems.

I am running OS 10.6.8

Have a Xenyx mixing board that runs USB into a powered hub and then into my MAC.

I have a Shure Pro 3H mic.

I can selected the correct USB Audio Codec (I have two)

The mixer shows sound being generated yet I am not recording into Audacity

The only choice I see is “Core Audio”

Is there something more I need to do so that I can record audio like this on this version of Audacity?


Step one is stop using a USB hub. Go for a home run to the computer. The only way hubs can be valuable is to eliminate USB computer power problems by using a wall-powered hub with nothing else plugged in. Audio doesn’t share well.

Step two disconnect both USB devices. Wait until the system settles down and plug the Xenix mixer in and then start Audacity. Does the USB device appear on the Audacity recording drop-down menus?

What is the other USB device?