mixing audacity with pics

hi, i’m new too this so bear with me. i plan on making a YouTube channel for writing and how it can help others. a what should you do, what works and doesn’t work and here’s an example.

im wondering how to mix audacity with a picture of what i’m referencing. for example, writing a time travel story, do something similar to the visual novel steins gate, and so on.

what i want too know is how you mix the audacity recording software with a picture of said steins gate and others however, it must be in an MP.4 do too YouTube guidelines.

any suggestions on what i should do?

While there are odd techniques for melting graphics and sound together, the simplest way is find a video editor and throw stills at it over a sound track. Export in MP4.

That’s what we recommend when somebody has to patch a video sound track. We can open and fix the sound, but we need a video editor to put them back together again. It’s rough to do a specific recommendation because each computer type is different.


If you’re just adding still-images (slideshow) there free online-video editors …

They’ll make videos too , but editing video online will use a lot of internet bandwidth ($$$).