Mixer vs Digital Audio Interface

I posted this earlier as a part of a longer thread but haven’t gotten any response. Hoping this will generate interest. I’m wanting to setup equipment so I can use two mics for interviews on my Macbook Pro. No music, just voice. But I want to be able to hook up two headphones to monitor conversations.

I have a basic question: what is the difference between a Mixer and a Audio Digital Interface?
I see a mixer like this one, http://www.peavey.com/products/proaudio … index.html and wonder if I can plug that into my Mac USB and hook up some mics and do my interviews but does that make sense?

The Peavy mixer you linked to in your other thread is not a USB mixer, although they do have that model with a USB interface. So, yes, if you get the one with the USB interface you should be able to plug it into your Mac USB port and record from it.

That mixer (and just about every other mixer) has one headphone output. Behringer makes a 4-output headphone amplifier http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/HA400.aspx which is more than you’d need, but about all I know of that’s out there.

A mixer mixes various audio sources into one output. E.g. the Peavy PV-6

A digital audio interface converts an analog audio signal to a digital format. E.g. the Behringer UCA-202.

Lots of mixers these days include the digital USB interface. E.g. the Peavey PV-6 USB.

– Bill

Thanks BIll. Any suggestions on two good mics to use with this setup?

You can’t beat the price of these: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/XM1800S.aspx

I’ve used them and the quality is more than acceptable.

– Bill