mixer toolbar question!!

Help!! I am new to Audacity and want to record some songs from the internet, my voice, etc. I cannot seem to press any options in the mixer toolbar (eg mic volume, etc). That section of the toolbar is “grey” and putting my mouse there won’t seem to activate it…I can’t get a drop down menu??? What am I doing wrong here??? I know this may be adumb question but I just can’t seem to get this feature to activate!!


Read this it should help explain whats going on


here is a quote
“but in fact the sources offered are governed by the drivers of the sound device that is currently selected as the “Recording Device” on the Audio I/O tab of Preferences.”

This basically means that the the toolbar is not always available depending on what devices and drivers you are using. For instance when i record stright into the line in on my computer i can operate the mixer toolbar but when i go through a usb sound card the mixer toolbar is disabled “grey” as everything is now governed by the sound card not audacity.

Hope this help, if you are still having problems you may need to specify what you are trying to record and how and what equipment etc. You should still be able to record though.