Mixer Setup

Hello everyone, I am brand new to podcasting and recording in general. I just recently bought a Blue Yeti mic (only USB), an ATR 2100 mic and a Xenyx 802 mixer.

Now I cannot seem to fathom how to get the audio to record onto my Lenovo G50 laptop using both the ATR 2100 and the mixer. I purchased these:


But I believe I may have bought the wrong wires? I saw 2 youtube setups and they both had this device:


And these wires hooked up to it:


If that is the case, that is okay. However, being a new guy to this, I am trying to watch my money until I decide this is actually something I want to do. I’ve already invested over $200.00 thus far, I’d prefer not to drop another $40 on getting this device shipped to my house. I’ve been trying to think of a work around, the only thing I can come up with is using something like this:


And then connecting these both to the headphone and microphone holes on the adapter:


Will this work? Or any other suggestions?

Thank you.

The Behringer 802 mixer comes in two flavors “USB” and “not USB” I’m assuming you have the non-USB model or you would have it connected by now.

Looking at the spec sheet for your Lenovo it appears to have a combo Microphone/Headphone jack, so I doubt very much you can use the internal soundcard in your Lenovo without a lot of problems (starting with finding an adapter to get the mixer output to the monophonic microphone input, and then dealing with the fact that your mixer wants to put out a signal that is about 100 times too loud for that microphone input). The inexpensive USB headphone adapter (your last link) will have the same issues as the plug on your laptop except that the connector is a bit more common.

The Behringer UCA-202 is well known to us and will work well to connect your mixer to your laptop via USB. You will need phono to phone cables (like the ones you linked) to hook it up, or you can get a mini-stereo phone connector to Phono connector breakout cable to adapt the cable you already purchased: http://www.amazon.com/3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Adapter-Female/dp/B000I23TTE

If you just purchased the Behringer – can you return it for the USB model? (Although by the time you factor in the shipping you probably might as well buy the UCA-202).

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t mind spending the extra money, if I know a cheaper method isn’t easily available.

Thanks again.