mix-render - one mono panned & mono dup - panned

How should I Mix-Render the below tracks to yield a 2 channel stereo tack

  • several right channel tracks,
  • several left channel tracks,
  • one (some times two) mono panned 40% right,
  • duplicated mono with one panned 40% right and the other 40% left

Ctrl+A (select All)
“Tracks” menu > “Mix and Render”

If there are some tracks that you do not want to be included in the mix, they must not be selected.
To select/de-select a track, use the up/down keys to move focus to that track and press ENTER to toggle selection/de-selection.
Alternatively, SHIFT+Click the Track Control Panel (the box on the left end of the track).

IMPORTANT: Mute/Solo settings are ignored when using Mix and Render.

To Mix tracks to a new track without deleting the original tracks press Ctrl+SHIFT+M

I thought that was only the case in 1.2.x and that there ist was regarded as a bug. I thought the mute/solo settings were observed as you would expect in 1.3.x - am I wrong?


Personally I think that Mix and Render should take account of the track mute/solo state, but as far as I’m aware it’s always been this way in Audacity and is not considered to be a bug. I vaguely recall this being discussed some time ago, but I can’t find that now, so I’ve raised the issue here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/mute-solo-buttons-ignored-by-mix-and-render/17550/1

Many thanks again. Just did a Mix-Render of “Twist and Shout” and it sounds great and ready for uploading. Lots of great vocals on right channel (Lennon) and left channel (McCartney-Harrison).

Feel a bit of a yutz again for I was going through a complicated process to allow for volume differences between the channels resulting the panning.

Still learning