"Mix+Render" no longer required for Envelope tool?

As I stated, I exported a finished track of which I have fixed a bad fade-out with the envelop tool. I did not mix, and I certainly did not render. But it worked anyway. Does that mean “mix & render” is now optional for any type of manual waveform adjusting?

(the reason I am asking this possibly stupid question is because years ago I was told to do a mix & render after applying envelope)

When you export to a file, all tracks that are not muted, are “mixed down” to a single file. (“Render” is the same process as “Mix” but when there is only one track).
The “Mix” process applies Track Envelopes, Track Gain and Track Pan. This occurs whether using the “Mix and Render” command, or just automatically mixing due to exporting.

The benefit of applying “Mix and Render” (from the Tracks menu), is that it “fixes” the envelopes (the audio is “rendered” taking into account envelopes, gain and pan), so you can then apply any effects, or any kind of edit, without losing the effect of the envelope. It is often not necessary to mix down before exporting.

Another mystery hath been solved.

(for me)