mix and color

hello, I’m French and I try to mix 2 track together (the red top and the middle blue)
Which gives me the bottom track
however I would like to get a mix of the 2 tracks while keeping the color of each one. How is this achievable?

i need this for an accurate signal to noise ratio calcul

Any help is welcome. Thank you !
Capture d’écran 2020-11-16 à 16.38.23.png

I don’t think Audacity can do that, and colors won’t help with a calculation. :wink:

Generally, you need to measure the noise-only and the signal* (in dB) and then subtract. (Since decibels are logarithmic, subtraction gives a ratio.)

There are various ways to define your measurements, such as peak, average, or RMS, and the noise is sometimes weighted to match the ear’s varying sensitivity at different frequencies. The [u]ACX Check plug-in[/u] might be useful to you.


  • Typically you can’t get the signal alone so the “signal” it’s often signal+noise. But, if the noise is low that makes an insignificant difference.

thank you for the reply and I think try with an other application. Again thanks to you