Mistake exporting to mp3

I have Windows 7 x64 and use Audacity 2.0.1. I use it to record my pastor’s messages. I basically just run my PA system straight into my laptop and have no issues. However, I decided to break his message up into two files. So, I had two separate Audicity windows open and was just going to start recording on the second one and stop the first one about half way through. The second window would not record when I hit record, so I stopped the first one and immediately started recording again in the same window. This created a separate track. I then thought I was exporting them one at a time to mp3 as a file on my PC. However, it saved them both over each other. Is there any way to reverse this??? Otherwise the message is lost forever, because I closed out Audacity after exporting. I will be the best man at your wedding if anyone can help.

I don’t know of any way to rescue the work. Audacity mixes down to a straight stereo show on export. You’re in the boat of extracting one of the eggs from an omelet.

Save the Project.
Select one of them and File > Export Selected. Repeat with the other.

Being a compulsive engineer, I export each valuable show as a WAV file and then save it as a Project. The Project would have rescued me in this case. I’ve never needed the backups, but I still have backups of shows over a year old.



Thanks, that’s what I thought. Hard lesson learned.


I know this advice comes too late - Computers are the least reliable devices we own… :frowning: If you are recording something critical and there’s no chance for “take two”, it’s best if you have a 2nd back-up system recording in parallel. That back-up can be another computer, a DVD or CD recorder, a portable digital recorder, or even a VHS recorder with just the audio plugged-in. (Or a cassette recorder if you still have one, and if you don’t forget to turn the tape over, or have to turn the tape over at a critical moment).

BTW - For the same reason, I’m always paranoid about using computers for anything critical in a live performance (such as back-up music). A lot of people do use computers in their live work, often Apple Computers, but even Apple users have trouble once in a while. And, if they use it long enough, sooner or later they have a disaster… I’m not quite as paranoid if the show can go-on without the computer (such as the computer being used for lighting control or other not-so-critical effects, etc.).

This is deliberate; you can only play and record in one project at a time. You can record into different versions of Audacity at the same time, but only if one of the versions is an old 1.1 or earlier version, because newer versions have a “lock” preventing multiple versions being run at the same time.

There is always some risk if recording into different programs at the same time.

Yes, but as you chose Export instead of Export Selection, Audacity would have warned you that it was mixing the tracks together. Check in the Warnings Preferences if you have turned the warning off by mistake.