Missing wave image

Not sure of technical terms, so please help if you can:
I am recording a ten-minute piece of speech. If I stop while recording, delete a small section just before the stop, and then return to recording mode to finish the recording, a weird thing happens. I can see the waveform on the first part, and I can hear everything on the second part as well as the first, but I cannot see any waveform image for the second part. If I export into MP3 format and re-import I can see the full wave form, but not in the aup file.

What am I doing wrong, and how can I then edit anything in the invisible second part, except via MP3 format?

This piece was initially recorded on Audacity 2.0.1.

regards and thanks in advance for help from a rank newbie

Win7 Ultimate; Audacity 2.1.3, downloaded installer

Are you recording into a new track underneath the first?

Try zooming out horizontally (Ctrl + 3) or try down arrow to move the yellow focus border to the second track.

Note that MP3 is lossy. Don’t use MP3 unless it’s the final version of the file and you are not going to edit it again.


Thank you! I hadn’t realised that I was setting new tracks…I really am an utter beginner. All sorted now. I do understand about mp3’s - the finished result needs to be played on a phone, so mp3 is the most convenient format. I’ve now been able to go back into the aup file and re-edit, now I know where it all is.

all very best wishes

You can hold Shift and click Record to record at the end of the selected track, if that suits you better. You can’t record in the middle of the same track.