missing sound

My system : window XP pro / soundblaster

After my first download of Audacity-win 1.2.6 - i have no problems ,it recorded and played like a dream.

Next time i want to repeat the succes it´s went wrong.

When i am recording there is no problem , i can here the sound, but when i want to play the music in Audacity.it seems to go down in speed (about 25% of normal speed),and no sound at all.
I can export the file in waw-form,and play it in other media (windows mediaplayer / soundmax / etc.).
I have imported the waw-file to Audacity again , but it still dont want to play it for me. :cry:

Can any one please help me ??.


Open Audacity and click Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O. What do you have listed in the Playback Device menu? That should be set to whatever your sound card is calling itself.

hi alatham

ty for the respons.

i know that , and all seems to be okay.

the problem is ,that it work´s fine first time, and then never more.

i have reinstall´t Audacity , but can still record,and hear the sound,but i cant playback.(very slow,and without sound).


yubeee no problems more :stuck_out_tongue:

After reinstaling my soundcart drivers its all ok again.