Missing sound segments

Hello guys. I’m new to the program and it seems great and would like to continue using it, but the problem I encountered hit me quite hard so I’m hoping you can help me…
I’m using Win7 and doing Let’s Plays, so I’m recording from my microphone with Audacity while playing. A short test run worked fine and I my first use of it I got ten minutes of recording fine. But my second attempt it appears that after less than five minutes into the recording it just stopped recording. The program continued to work, but it didn’t get any sound. There are short segments in the recording where it suddenly comes back to life, but quickly stops recording again. I never had it happen with FRAPS and afterwards I added commentary with VideoPad’s Narrate option and it never skipped any part of my commentary. I also highly doubt that it’s something with the microphone because when I try to play the blank parts the program crashes.
Any help would be appreciated, because otherwise I’d have to look for something else…

I’m recording from my microphone with Audacity while playing.

Not clear what failed. Where is the music coming from?

Audacity is supposed to record from my microphone while I use another program to record the game audio.

Audacity is supposed to record audio.
Recording audio while your computer system is stressed out fragging the swarm is another matter entirely.
Recording audio is a data stream and it can’t wait. The audio has to get from the source, through the sound card, through the OS sound system to the hard drive - it can’t wait.

Your sound card is already busy playing back the game audio and recording that to disk, your CPU is busy playing the game, the hard drive is being read from by the game and writing a continuous stream of audio data from the other recording program, and now you want to throw in another separate audio stream and write that to disk at the same time? It’s unlikely to work.

FRAPS is highly optimised for recording game sounds - I’d suggest that you use FRAPS for recording both the game sound and the microphone.

Unfortunately, while FRAPS can record my voice, the game audio is too loud. I guess the load is too much, I’ll try different methods then… Thank you.

Google is your friend :wink:
See here: http://frapsforum.com/threads/question-on-recording-game-and-mic-at-same-time.155/