Missing Right Channel

Hey Fellow Audacitators,

boring stuff: windows 7 64 bit, Audacity 2.0.3, Conexant Smartaudio, driver, HD Audio API version (whatever that is??):

I’m feverishly recording music at the moment on my wonderful old 4 track bedroom studio. Obviously, the next step is extracting the music from the tape and onto the computer - at the moment that is presenting a much bigger problem that it should!

to cut to the chase: when I use my laptop’s microphone port as an input, it only receives the left channel of the audio. That’s with microphones and a whole variety of different methods i’ve tried to use in case it was the cables’, or the 4 track’s fault. When I let audacity record something simply using the laptop’s internal mic, the right comes back to life again.

It’s driving me so mad I’ve even tried extracting the tracks in mono one by one in order to do the stereo balancing on the computer, but you all know what happens then - a few interesting surprises, but overall it’s completely impossible due to the tape speed issues.

Obviously when I listen with headphones directly to the 4 track it sounds rosy, and i’ve used so many combinations of different outputs from the 4 track, different cables, ends, the fault definitely seems to be on the computer…

Does anybody have any ideas??




Most Windows laptops do not have Stereo Line-In. This one doesn’t:


We found the Behringer UCA202 to be a very good way to adapt stereo sound to a Windows Laptop.


Oooh that makes me mad. I was going to take my brother’s one of them with me here last time I was back in the UK, but I forgot it… kurrrr

Well, I shall rest a while and stop being so obsessed with getting what I’ve got onto the computer for the time being, and get on with making some other stuff to put on it later - whilst trying to get hold of your gizmo there… Thanks a lot :slight_smile: