Missing parts

I’ve noticed on several of my recordings of my lps that it seems to leave out some parts. Not the whole channel just parts. Two different albums the first track opens with twin fiddles and you hear one but not the other.
John Anderson’s Wild And Blue and Merle Haggard’s Big City, you hear the main instrument playing the melody but not the higher harmony accompaniment.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Possibly you are only recording one channel identically duplicated on 2 tracks.
Any parts common to both channels are recorded, but parts exclusively on one will be lost.


Alternative explanation: there is phase-cancellation, (a/k/a destructive-interference)

Alternative explanation: there is phase-cancellation, (a/k/a destructive-interference)

I had one of those. I had a turntable system with the tiny wires on the back of the cartridge. I put them on wrong and went for several weeks before I figured out what happened to the sound. I traced it back with strong light and magnifying glass.


Thanks for the info! I have been busy with other stuff and haven’t had time to mess with it. I will soon though, maybe this evening. I sure hope I can figure it out.