MIssing Option In Latest Audacity Release

Under Edit, Preferences, in an older release of Audacity, there was a keyboard shortcut option that allowed me to use Shift + X, to apply several plug-in options at the same time. This option is no longer shown in the latest version of Audacity so I’m wondering how I can accomplish the same thing, using the current version.

Shift+X is not a standard Audacity shortcut (in either the Standard or Full) shortcut sets, so presumably this is a custom shortcut that you set up a while ago.

And I infer from your post that your custom shortcut invoke a Macro “to apply several plug-in options at the same time”

So if you still have that Macro then all you need to do is reset a custom shortcut to invoke that Macro.


Actually, I was following the instructions of a representative at Such A Voice, so I don’t know how to set up the macro to work any other way.