missing instruments in USB vinyl recording [SOLVED]

I’m was using audacity 2.1.1 with windows 7 on a dell inspiron laptop about 5 yrs old. I use it to convert vinyl lp’s to digital. Didn’t have a problem until I upgraded to win 10. Now some instruments aren’t being recorded. it’s not the cartridge or usb cable as I can record fine on my son’s mac. 2 stereo recording is selected, usb codec, etc everything set the same as with win7 but doesn’t work right with win 10. Any ideas?

Did you check Windows has the turntable set to stereo recording: Audacity Manual ?


Yes, turntable is set to stereo recording. Still missing some instruments.

We can tell you it won’t be an Audacity problem. Are the missing instruments in one channel or the other?

Attach an example: How to post an audio sample.


The missing instrument is in neither channel. My guess is it’s a win 10 problem since I didn’t have a problem with win7 or a mac. Is it possible win10 is not recognizing a driver or something? Also, Dell says they don’t update drivers for my computer to work with win10, if that’s the case it makes audacity worthless for transferring vinyl to digital.

Roll the machine back to Win7?

“Some instruments missing” sounds like a cancellation problem. I wired a cartridge wrong once and got that.

If instead of adding left and right together to get mono, you subtract them, the instruments in the left and right dead center will vanish. That’s how Vocal Removal works. If someone decided to produce music with forced separation, that may not transfer quite right, either. To bring this around, I don’t think your Win10 machine is running in stereo, and the mono mix is causing problems. The sound may be coming out of the left and right speakers, but it’s the same sound. No “violins on the left.”

You may be able to fix that in Windows sound control panels.


What channel is it in, when you listen in speakers attached to the USB turntable?

Probably not, unless the turntable requires a special driver. They don’t usually.

You are quite lucky that Audacity is not showing an error with no devices found, given you have chosen to upgrade to an operating system your hardware does not support.

You are actually recording from the USB Audio CODEC in Device Toolbar, I presume?

You can try it another way. Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the USB Audio CODEC then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Listen” tab and enable “Listen to this device” and choose your computer speakers for the playback device.

If you can now hear the instruments in the computer speakers, set Host in Audacity to “Windows WASAPI”, recording device to “Computer speakers (loopback)”, recording channels to “2 (stereo)”, and playback device to “Computer Speakers”.


thx Koz. was able to fix it using control panel- sound-microphone properties- as you suggested. it was set to 1 channel even though audacity was set to 2 channel. I reset it to 2 channels and all’s well

As was stated in the very first answer you received :wink: Audacity Manual.