Missing gran.lsp & Recursive S-Save

Hi all,

I’m getting Nyquist up and running inside an interactive Emacs buffer and am trying to play all the examples in (nyquist/demos/src) and am having a couple issues.

  1. missing gran.lsp
    In nyquist/demos/osc-test.lsp, line 18 attempts to load gran.lsp, but returns nil. There is no such file in nyquist/lib or anywhere in my nyquist directory.

  2. S-Save
    After evaluating everything relating to gran-osc (lines 17-59), I evaluate (play (gran-osc), but get:
    error: Recursive call to S-SAVE (or maybe PLAY) detected!

This seems to throw my system for a loop and I have to restart my session after this. The rest of the file (piano-osc and moog-osc) work fine if I restart my session to get rid of the recursive s-save issue. I’ve also had success running and toying with the examples in nyquist/lib/examples.lsp.

Have you looked in:


gran.lsp should be in there.

If you still can’t find it, you can grab it here:
(Please note that the below is an older, out of date version, left it here in case someone is looking for it.

The latest stand-alone version (as per Steve’s post below) can be found here:

Be aware that Audacity’s version of Nyquist is a bit different from standalone Nyquist.
A few functions have been left out of the Audacity version, either for security reasons, or because they are not applicable in Audacity.

The latest standalone version of Nyquist is available from Sourceforge: Nyquist - Browse Files at SourceForge.net

That’s an old and out of date fork.

That’s an old and out of date fork.

Ooops, sorry about that.
Corrected my previous post.

That’s where I got it from, the ‘lib’ folder there is missing a few libraries. I emailed Roger Dannenberg (the guy who made it) and he was very helpful and told me to compile with the IDE and install using the libraries using the package manager.