I am running Audacity previously Audacity 1.2.5 on MAC 10.5.8.

I have silenced audio in some projects in which I retitled main folder heading names. Although I have changed folder names back to how they were I still have Audacity highlighting missing file structure and file in red. The files in question are where they should be and were never moved. Is there a way to force Audacity to relink with them in another way as file structure appears how it should be, I have also checked the aup files. Thanks in advance.


What exactly did you rename? If a project AUP file and its _data folder are in a folder called “X”, you can rename “X” to what you like. What you can’t rename is the AUP file and its _data folder.

If the files are in red at File > Check Dependencies… then Audacity can’t see those files. You can drag the Dependencies window wider to see the full path.

If the project is closed you can also open the AUP file in TextEdit and change the “aliasfile” paths but it is easier just to use the Dependencies dialogue to copy the files in.

If the dependent files are on an external or network drive, ensure the drive or network is connected. Ensure you have permission to read the folder where the dependent files are located.