Missing Error Message

The colon is an invalid character in Graphic Equalizer user preset names. If you type a colon in the name, no error message is generated. The preset is actually saved (in pluginsettings.cfg), but the name is corrupted and will not show up in the Graphic Equalizer user preset list - so you can not load or delete it.

Additionally, I found that if you escape the colon by editing pluginsettings.cfg then the preset will appear in the list (with the colon). But if you select it, the settings will not be loaded. Removing the escaped colon enables you to both select it and load it.

Requested Fix:
Generate an error message when user types an invalid preset name and don’t save the preset.

Note: I am a Senior Software Engineer (retired) and would like to help with QA testing.

You need to log issues/bugs on Muse’s GitHub Issues log:

You will need a GitHub account to do this - but these are free.


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Thanks, Peter. I have joined GitHub and entered the issue there.


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