Missing dlls after updating Audacity

Just updated audacity to 3.4.2 on windows 10 64 bit. Got an error for missing dlls when I tried to open an mp3 file. The error message reports several missing dlls.
Anyone else have this problem?

thank you for your speedy reply and suggestions. I am able to open an mp3 file using the menu option in Audacity. However, when I try to open an mp3 file using the “Open With” menu option in Windows 10, I get the above mentioned error messages.
The one odd thing about this is I could not find “audacity.cfg” on my desktop??? I did a complete hard drive search with negative results?
The bottom line is I’m able to open an mp3 using the Audacity menu so I’m able to edit and save files. So this may be a Windows problem and not Audacity. Thanks for your help.

It’s in a hidden folder, specifically …


Hidden folders are not searched.

thanks for your reply. Your suggestion regarding hidden files was helpful because I discovered my search index was corrupted. After a re-index all is well. Thanks again.