Missing Data Folders


I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.2.

I’ve saved a number of Audacity projects before without issue. My most recently saved project now won’t open. I first get a message saying that Audacity cannot find the project data folder, and then another message saying that it cannot open the file. I have not moved nor renamed any of the files, or done anything to any data file. I have tried searching my hard drive for the data folders, but they do not appear to be anywhere. Does Audacity ever fail to save a data folder or perhaps name it something odd or save it in an odd place? If the data files are not on my computer, is there anything that I can do to recover the project?


There is a condition where Audacity will stash work in a location where a virus protection program will “protect you” by deleting them. We should wait for a Windows elf.


This is an Audacity Project.

You would normally never need to know what’s going on inside the _DATA folder. The AUP file is a computer program that tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff inside the _DATA folder. It’s not a sound file.

The AUP file is written last, so if you have that and it’s not blank (try to open it in a text editor such as NotePad or Text Edit), then Audacity seems to have succeeded in saving the Project.


File > Recent Files top left of Audacity will show you the path where you saved recent projects.


Win 7 pro - V 2.4.2

Lost the _data folder to a project. This thread doesn’t really answer the question of where it went? AU file intact but can’t find the matching data folder anywhere in the computer. Did change the song folder name then undid the name once it wouldn’t load but data folder just gone…