Missing Click Track Solved

Version 2.1.3. Click Track missing. If I use Add Plugin it is listed as disabled. When enabled it does not appear and is once again listed as disabled. Checking the list of ny plugins from Audacitys website Click Track is not listed as a ny plugin?? HELP!! Must have click track!!!

Click Track is now called Rhythm Track :slight_smile: D’OH!

You committed the sin of not looking at the Release Notes 2.1.3. :slight_smile:


Are you so sure about that?


Red: differences

By the way, Click Track is here: https://www.princeton.edu/~fanders/Audacity/Plug-Ins/clicktrack.ny

rpb54 is correct. “Rhythm Track” is a updated revision of the old “Click Track”.
This is an old topic. and not all of the participants are still alive, so I’m closing this topic now.

I have tried and searched everywhere for the click track now called Rhythm for 3.4.2 audacity.
It is nowhere and not at the Plugin site.
I have reinstalled audacity restarted my computer. Nothing