Missing Block Files, can they be recovered?

Whilst I was editing my Audacity file, which has been edited several times previously, crashed on me suddenly and when I opened the aup file, it says that there are three missing audio data block files. If I go along with the second option, it will say to me that there are a lot (593 to be exact) of orphan block files and when I continue without deleting, everything is silenced. I searched for some possible solutions like opening the aup file as text and making sure the projname= was set to my project’s name, but unfortunately no luck. I have already tried importing the .au files into Audacity and they were fine.I’ll also include some images of everything as well.
Screenshot (3).png
Screenshot (2).png
log.txt (2.39 KB)
HERCULES 10 FLEMINGl.txt (69.5 KB)

How long is the recording?
Block files are usually around 6 seconds duration, so 3 missing block files should be around 18 seconds or less.

“Orphan block files” are blocks of audio data (.AU files) that are not listed in the .AUP file for any open project.

When you work on a project in Audacity, each block of audio that is modified creates a new block of audio data. The original block of data is retained for the current session so that you can “Undo”. On closing Audacity, all of the old Undo files are deleted, but if Audacity crashed (rather than closing properly), the Undo files are not deleted, and remain as “orphans”.