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I accidentally deleted my project files as it was giving me a message of orphan files blocked.I have downloaded the latest version. The trash can is empty. Can they still be somewhere in the computer memory? Is there a way I can retrieve them? I would be really glad if someone can help me retrieve those missing data files.

Sunaina Asher
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Sorry the attachment I wanted to upload is this one
Mama’s story copy.aup (19.2 KB)

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The “Mama’s story.aup” you attached only has a left and right channel with a beep noise lasting less than a second, so it is not the same copy of that project that you open in your picture. The “Mama’s story.aup” you open in that picture has references to 120 AU files, but those AU files are not in the “Mama’s story_data” folder as they should be.

I suggest you press “Show log for details” in that dialogue for “Missing Audio Data Block Files” and look at the names of some of the AU files that Audacity says are missing. Use Finder to search for those AU files. Press the + button in the search result then use the drop-down menus to set the search so that “system files” “are included”, then search again. If you find the AU files, put them in the "Mama’s story_data folder, but they must go in the exact “d” folder inside “Mama’s story_data” that is given in the log.

As I already explained on feedback@, if you have already got Time Machine set up to backup files and folders to an external drive, you may be able to find a suitable backup of “Mama’s story_data” on the external drive.


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“Mama’s story copy.aup” shows that it has 120 AU files comprising a little less than 6 minutes of stereo audio. All the AU files are missing. You can use the instructions I gave in my previous post to search for (or recover a backup copy of) the files.