"Missing Audio Data"

I have read previous posts on this topic but could not find a clear answer to my problem.

I am using Audacity 2.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8. I copied a recording from a cassette deck to Audacity and saved the project. Wishing to filter out some background noise and wanting to save the original recording, I created a duplicate (Edit > duplicate) of the .aup “file” ( I know that it is not actually a file) in the finder. I now have “file copy.aup” in which I performed some noise removal functions. Now, when opening either .aup “file” I receive a message that there are missing audio data blocks. Even trashing “file copy.aup” does not permit the original project to open. I realize now that using the “save project as” function is the way to do this since it also creates a new data file.

The data file and the ,aup file are in the same folder. Is there any way that I can get this project to open?

Thanks in advance for your help.

AUP is actually a file. It’s a text file with all the instructions how to put your show back together from the stuff in the _DATA folder.

Here’s a simple one.


Please note that the name of the show (piano2split) is burned into the text (line 2). It’s not optional.

I can’t account for the missing data blocks. Opening the project should have just failed. I don’t know how critical this actually is, but I believe the system requires the AUP file and the _DATA folder to be exactly the same name. I know what happens when you mess with the folder name, but I don’t know anybody who messed with the AUP name.


Thanks for the quick reply. The AUP file and the data folder are the same name. Nothing was messed with other than creating a duplicate AUP file that seemed to share the same data folder with the original AUP file. Would applying the noise removal function in the duplicate project alter files in the data folder? If not, why would the original AUP file not open with the connection to the data folder. If this is a mystery, I can always record the cassette tape again. Just some work I was hoping to avoid.

Solved. It seems that creating the duplicate AUP file (file copy.aup) altered the original data file but did not rename the data file. By renaming the data file to match the duplicate AUP file (file copy_data) I was able to recover the project.