Missing Audio Data Block Files

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 and Windows 10
I believe i got it from the .exe and not the zip but i’m not certain

Got a message saying I’m missing 168 audio files. The project was around 90 minutes. It saved properly. I even opened it the next day and edited the first 36 minutes of it. I save all of my projects in a DropBox folder. The data files are in the same folder as the .au project file. Then today I tried opening the file on another computer and ran into the above error.

When I choose "treat missing audio as silence (this session only), it says "found 24 orphan block files. Where are those? Can i put them back into the project? Where are the rest of the 168 missing files? What caused the error? What can i do in the future? It seems like a file path error but I didn’t move any files around. My tech/computer knowledge is very limited.

I’ve browsed around the discussion forums and know now that the hard lesson I learned is that i need to save each project also as a .wav file so i have a back up. I’ll do that in the future. But is there anything i can do to save this project? My research so far indicates there is not.


Do you still have access to the original Project?

This is a Project:

No effort should be made to manage or otherwise change anything inside the _DATA folder and you should not put the AUP file inside the _DATA folder. It’s already concerning that you know what an AU file is.

Does dropbox have any limits for the complexity or length of the work? I’m not aware of one. There is one fairly common problem that occasionally happens, someone will interrupt a file transfer before it’s actually done. Sometimes this is folded into another seemingly innocuous act, like closing a laptop computer to sleep before it’s done.

Once a Project has holes in it, the prognosis is not good. The _DATA folder work no longer matches the instructions inside the AUP file. Is the AUP file still valid? It should open in any text editor so you can read it.

Here’s a simple one expanded for clarity.


If it’s blank, that’s the end of the world.


You can search your computer for the missing files noted at Help > Show Log… . The orphan files won’t help that project, but they could belong to another project.

I really would not save projects to Dropbox. It may be trying to be “helpful” by resyncing to the cloud.