missing audio blockfiles

Can someone please help,
I tried to open a song I was previously working on and all the tracks but a few were all flatlined (or silenced). Can these tracks be retrieved and put back where they belong? like most everyone else lots and lots of hours for work to be killed. but as always thank you guys so much for Audacty the platform, “frustrating”, but still very cool.

Thank you Mark Cady

Have a quick read down this thread.


These are some very common ways to damage a project. Any of that help?


thank you Koz for the info, but my problem was not that I was reorganizing files or anything like that, I just opened the project and all was silenced (flatlined) I tried to go through the steps, but all was still over my head, and I was not able to quite understand some of your directions. Is there a way you can, step by step (in layman’s terms) walk me through a potential recovery? I totally appreciate all of your help,

Mark Cady

Which Audacity version are you using? In Windows I think Help > About?

The current version is 2.2.2. There was a very serious problem with some earlier 2* versions of Audacity that could cause some work to be lost.

Let us know.


I downloaded 2.2.2, and I have windows 8.1. All of the track loss occurred during 2.2.1. Thank you Koz
Mark Cady

Still no luck with the new version, do you have a possible step by step way to try to retrieve these tracks? Thank you again,
Mark Cady