Missing Audio Block Data

I have been working on this audio file for about a week and i finally finshed. When I went to open it it said “missing audio block data file(s).” Is there any way to fix this?! Please help

It’s always good to export a WAV file as backup after long editing sessions.

Don’t save the project in this broken state.

Did you have more than one Audacity project open at a time?

Please look in Help > About Audacity… and give us all three Audacity version numbers (for example, 2.0.2).

Look in Help > Show Log… . The log will show the block files that are missing and where Audacity was expecting to find them. Search your computer for some of the file names that have random letters and numbers like “e00009e0.au”. If you find the files, put them in the exact folder shown in the log then all might be OK.