Mismatched Tag [SOLVED]

I was editing my Audacity file and now when I go to re-open it the message “Error: mismatched tag at line 785”.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also I will include a link to the .aup file.



There is an error at line 783. This should not be there:

<simpveblock start="60030976">

I don’t think that is the only error though.

What happened?

How were you editing the file?

This line does not make any sense, and I can’t imagine how Audacity would write it to the file:

<simpveblock start="60030976">

It’s part of this block:

<waveblock start="67633152">
					<simpveblock start="60030976">
					<simpleblockfile filename="e0002e6a.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max="0.0" rms="0.0"/>

The last “” is where Audacity complains about the mismatched tag.

Eliminating the ‘’ line may make things OK, or there may be other errors in the file.

For example, this block starting at line 2622:

				<waveblock start="94831616">
					<e0005367.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max="0.0" rms="0.0"/>

Here’s another block starting at line 4982 that looks iffy:

				<waveblock start="49220608">
					<simpleblockfile filename="e0008335.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max				<waveblock start="57084928">
					<simpleblockfile filename="e0008a12.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max="0.0" rms="0.0"/>
				<waveblock start="57347072">
					<simpleblockfile filename="e0008110.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max="0.0" rms="0.0"/>

And starting at line 5682:

				<waveblock start="118164480">
					<simpleblockfile filename="e00093f4.au" 9a.au" len="262144" min="0.0" max="0.0" rms="0.0"/>

That’s just scrolling through the first 10% of the file.

– Bill

Thanks for the help lads. I was able to solve the mismatched tag issue but as ye suggested it was not the only issue.

I had compressed the recording using compress dynamics before the edit.
All in all probably a combination of that, audacity and myself making a balls of it.

I’ve decided to just rerecord the audio rather than go down THAT rabbit hole. I’ll remember to make a copy of the file this time, haha.

Thanks again.

Top tips for important projects:

Periodically make backups of the full project. To do this, “File > Save Project As” and give the project a new name.
Use a consistent and methodical naming system so that you can keep track of your backups, for example: myproject001.aup, myproject002.aup, myproject003.aup, …

If your project involves recording, export the recorded track(s) as WAV files as soon as you have recorded it. If anything bad happen, you then have the WAV file to go back to, which can save a lot of re-recording time.

Be organised with file management. Keep all the stuff that belongs with one project together in one location. DO NOT TIDY OR CLEAN UP UNTIL THE PROJECT IS COMPLETE, EXPORTED AND BACKED UP (accidentally deleting, moving or renaming files that are used in the project can destroy the project - see here about “dependencies” http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html)

Great advise. I’ll try to keep it mind for the future. Thanks.