Misbehaves when one track has no clip in select range

The happens with Repair, haven’t tested it with other effects. If you have all tracks selected (in my case all but 2 of them are label tracks) and one track (in my case the bottom one) has no clip in the selected region, Repair gives a fatal error. Ya, dumb user, but room for improvement in the response.

Rev: 2.0.1

OS: Windows XP

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the problem. Could you give a Step-by-step ?

The current version is actually 2.0.2 ( http://audacityteam.org/download/ ) but even on 2.0.1 (in Windows 7) I cannot reproduce the problem.

Considerable fixing and checking of the clips logic was done for 2.0.2 to fix a problem where renders could create clicks at split lines. Please upgrade to 2.0.2 and try there with the same project.


It happens with 2.0.2 also. It seems to be an issue specifically with Repair - I haven’t been able to reproduce it with other effects. There has to be, in addition to the track to which you’re applying the effect, another track with no clip in nor to the right of the select region.


1: Generate a tone (10 sec).
2: Select 1 sec somewhere in the left portion of the track.
3: Duplicate.
4: In the original track, select a region a few samples wide anywhere to the right of the region you duplicated.
5: Mess up a few samples with the Editing tool so you can see if Repair does anything.
6: Shift-click in the TCP of the other track. Same region is now selected in both tracks
7: Apply Repair. Audacity crashes.

If step 4 is changed to:
4: In the original track, select a region a few samples wide anywhere to the left of the region you duplicated.

then Repair will work normally.

Steps 2-4 may be replaced with:

2: Make New Audio Track.
3: (omit) - There is now a tone track and an empty track (i.e., devoid of clips).
4: In the original track, select a region a few samples wide anywhere.

Audacity will still crash in the last step.

I note that when an empty (no clip) region of a track is included in the selection, effects generally add a silent clip there. While, as an operating practice, selecting an empty piece of track doesn’t seem very useful, I would think nothing would happen there when applying an effect. IMO, that would be preferable to adding a silent clip.

  • DickN

Thanks Dick,
I can reproduce the problem when using Repair.
I’ve submitted a bug report.

I think that it is only plug-ins that do this.
I don’t think there’s an easy way round the problem. Audacity needs to pass the “sound” to the plug-in, even if it is a “null” sound (the selection has duration and a sample rate, even if there are no actual samples in it), but the plug-in can’t tell the difference between a null sound and silence, so it gets treated as silence. To “fix” this problem would require a much more sophisticated method of passing audio between Audacity and the plug-ins.