Mint 20.2 Audacity 3.1.2

It’s been over a decade since I needed some help. Other than the minimum effects that don’t have to be enabled, I can’t get the effects to load.

In one instance, I went to where an effect was and linked it to Audacity. I have installed the download (2..) It had language issues and wouldn’t load the extra effects. I then installed the flatpak version (3.1.2) and the same thing, only the non-installing effects were in place. Yes, I uninstalled version 2.

Other than that it seems to be working. Although, I haven’t tried recording anything.

I’ve been using Audacity since Red Hat v.2.

So I can usually stumble my way through fixing things. But this is a new tower and I’ve about a thousand tweaks to take care of.

So any wisdom from above would be greatly appreciated or across the room.

And thank you for getting us past those ugly bugs in the earlier versions.

Which effects?

Which effects?