Minimizing Unintentional Sounds

I’ve read through many posts on this and other forums, and I’m pretty sure there is no good sure fire answer, but I know the people here will sometimes have creative solutions, so I thought I’d ask anyway.

I was asked to help compile videos for a local civic organization but their audio was all recorded right on their video camera, so I’m trying to use audacity to improve it. I’ve been able to remove most of the “white noise” sound, but in some places there sounds like the mic was picking up something (like a radio broadcast). I was there when they recorded one of the videos and had noticed the sounds at the time, so I was thinking it was the result of the wireless mics they used on the PA system
picking up sounds from their radio frequency.

I’ll include a clip so you can listen to it. I know the “noise removal” function is no magic bullet and isn’t intended to remove this kind of thing, but is there any way to make these sounds less noticeable?

I know the “noise removal” function is no magic bullet

It’s not even a slightly mysterious one. It fails more often than it succeeds because by the time people realize they need it, it’s too late. Noise Removal works on background noises that don’t change. That’s the bumper sticker version. If you have noises that go up and down and change constantly like words, that’s the end of the story.

We can’t tell anything from the processed clip. Can you include the same clip before you worked on it? The raw work? Is there any reason it’s in 24-bit? I was going to tell you that you may include a 10 second clip, but that’s only if you’re at 44100, 16-bit Mono. The forum will cut you off at about 1MB.


Thanks for answering, Koz. I’m not sure why it was in 24-bit, but I think i have it in the right format now for the original. The whole thing is kind of noisy from the crowd, though, so it’s hard to hear what I’m talking about.

Like I said, I’ve been checking around for some time and I’m sure there’s no chance of improving this as well as I’d like, but any advice will be appreciated.