Minimizing or removing audio sound

  1. Audacity 2.3.2
  2. win 10
  3. I have a recorded audio with multiple people talking (conversations) at the same time. Is it possible to minimize or remove sounds from other individuals with Audacity so I can hear just 1 conversation?

I am very new with Audacity so no laughing please… :slight_smile:


The quick answer is no.

The software isn’t very smart. You can tell Alice’s voice from Jane, but the software has no clue. It’s all voices and they all sound the same, and worse, they all have similar tonal values.

If someone forces you to do an interview in a public place, sometimes you can force it to work with multi-thousand dollar microphones and clever recording techniques.

You picked a recording job that some pro’s would run from screaming.

If the “background” voices are indeed in the background, sometimes you can get Noise Gate to help. A little.

It tries to sense volumes and suppress volumes lower than a set value.

Any second now I’m going to find it…