MiniHost Problem Related?

Hello All. This is my first forum post here. :slight_smile:

I have a problem that is not directly attributable to Audacity but hopefully someone can advise.

I use MiniHost as my VSTi driver & have done for a number of years with no real problems. Having installed Audacity v.2 (from the .exe) I find that I am no longer getting any audio from MiniHost. With the previous version (Audacity 1.3) on my system, everything worked fine. In trying to tackle this issue I rolled my pc back to a System Restore which then re-enabled the earlier version of Audacity & everything was working correctly.

I’ve since re-installed Audacity 2 & again the audio from MiniHost has gone!

To me with my limited knowledge of computers etc, it doesn’t make sense why these two seperate applications should be effected by the presence of each other. If indeed that is the case!

Therefore, what am I doing wrong?

(My op’ system is XP).

Thanks in advance.


That is indeed curious, and I suspect the problem is not where it appears to be.
It’s probably too late to get an exact, detailed list of events leading up to the problem, so some detective work is needed.

What sort of sound card are you using?
Do you have any other audio devices other than that sound card installed or connected to the computer?
As best you remember, when did MiniHost stop working?

Please be as thorough, expansive and detailed as possible. We can’t see your set-up so you need to paint a mental picture.

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.

Soundcard-wise I have a C-Media AC97. As regards other audio devices there’s nothing else connected. So my set up is pretty basic stuff.

MiniHost stopped working pretty much straight after the 2x installation & as mentioned previously started working fine again after I rolled back to the earlier Audacity version. Subsequently it has stopped working now that I’ve re-installed Audacity 2x.

What I tend to do is take a track that I’ve previously recorded & play it back via Media Player & then play MiniHost along to that. The program loads & the VSTs themselves can be plugged in etc but there’s just no sound coming out at all, either playing along to Media Player or just playing MiniHost alone with no other audio playing.

I’ve always used previous versions of Audacity mainly to edit WAV recordings that I load to my pc from a stand alone digital recorder. Likewise I would create WAV recordings using MiniHost, then load them into Audacity (pre- v2) to work with at a later time. So basically I create the files (WAVs or mp3) & then load them into Audacity, I don’t line-in etc & record what I’m playing on MiniHost live, so to speak. I don’t have both programs up & running at the same time.

Audacity 2 itself is working fine with no problems.

To be honest if something must be removed from my system to rectify the situation then I’d rather it be MiniHost as Ican’t do without Audacity. However the problem just seems so totally baffling that I’m curious to see if others have experienced the same or similar.

I don’t see any reason why installing Audacity should make any difference to MiniHost.
What happens if you just uninstall Audacity and make no other changes?