Mini Jack extensions and splitters. Noise problem

I’m a youtuber, and In my effect to make timelapses more convenient, I have tried to use some mini jack cables and a mini jack splitter (1 male, 2 female) to try and make a single output where both the front and the back jack ports output sound.

This would allow me to route some sound through the back, and some specific sound through the front, thus allowing me to record game sound (output in the front), without all the extra sound (output in the back) I tend to have coming while playing (like a movie on the other screen, or youtube, or music)

However there seem to get some static on the sound, and I’m suspecting its the way I set the cables up (looks hella derpy), but my question is. Would it get better if I got “better” (more expensive) cables?

I read that three times and I never got the goal. What’s the goal and how is your normal setup interfering with that goal? How are you recording game sound? Did you get your ins and outs mixed up? Many posters have the problem of combining live microphone with game sound, usually throwing in Skype on top of that.

Is it you want to multi-task by listening to Game Sound and Doctor Phil at the same time? As a rule it’a a bad idea to smash two speaker outputs together. It can make one or both unstable. They can whistle, drop out, bubble, etc. etc.

Cables on the floor doesn’t bother me, but there are some connections that don’t work very well.


Alright I’ll explain. I record videos for YouTube, its where my paying the bills now, so I need to streamline more. When I record, I use a problem that makes individuel tracks for sounds, and video. Now the problem is sometimes, when making montages, I’d like to watch stuff on the side, without the sound being recorded from that. Since Virtual sound has latency on it, thats not an option, so the only way to do it, is to route the game sound through the rear jack port, and what I’m watching on the side on the front port, and make both outputs do into my headphones.

I don’t really explian it any better then this :confused:

It’s still a very bad idea to connect two headphone amplifiers or speaker amplifiers to each other. Those systems are designed to push sound into a well behaved speaker or headphone. If you connect one amplifier to another amplifier, either or both can become unstable.

This is the perfect place for a small stereo mixer. It isolates the two soundcards from each other and provides a controlled mix for your headphones — usually with its own volume control.

However there seem to get some static on the sound

I don’t suppose there’s any way to post a little bit of that static so we can hear it? I’m going from a knowledge of electronics. It would be good to hear it.