mike thru chourus pedal

This dosent work does it? Mike thru Danelectro chorus pedal, then line in to lap top. guitar recording

Microphones, unless you have one of those fancy-pants USB jobs, have a really tiny electrical signal. Somewhere in the system there has to be a Mic-Pre or microphone preamplifier so your voice can compete with the instruments’ much louder signal.

So, no, unless the pedal says it has a Mic-Pre inside.


By the way, that’s something else you can’t do, either. Most laptops don’t have a powerful, stereo Line-In (blue). Most of them only have a sensitive pink Mic-In which easily overloads.


Scroll down to Connections.



yeah i have low or noisey recording, with a good mike straight in, cheap lap top, fighting a losing battle, no interface or mixer. I can get a recording close, but not what i want. thanks for the info anyway,have a pretty good grip on this program.

Link to free stereo chorus effect for Audacity here … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/making-a-demo-of-my-band-need-advice/22049/30 [windows only]

with a good mike straight in, cheap lap top, fighting a losing battle,

Maybe not so much. What exactly are the mic and laptop and how did you connect them? Plugging a “real” microphone into the Mic-In of a laptop should work, but there are a couple of things you need to be careful of.