migrate settings

I’ve been using the 32 bit for quite a while now. My recording PC was acting up so I replaced it and installed the new 64 bit version.

  1. How do I migrate all my preference, macros, and hotkeys over? Can I since I went to the 64 bit? The macros I think I have. It’s the hotkeys I haven’t figured out.

  2. Can the 64 bit still use all the 32 bit plugins?

  3. It doesn’t appear to be saving my preferences. I set the spectrogram color how I like it but reverts every time I open Audacity.

“Nyquist plug-ins” are compatible for all platforms.

Other types of plug-ins (such as VST plug-ins) are platform specific - a 32-bit VST for windows can only be used on 32-bit Audacity on Windows. A 64-bit Windows VST can only be used with 64-bit Audacity on Windows.

Macros are mostly compatible on any platform, though if a macro uses a 32-bit VST plug-in, then you may need to update it to use a 64-bit equivalent.

Key bindings are mostly compatible for all versions of Audacity, though occasionally a default key binding may change in newer versions of Audacity - such changes are kept to a minimum. I think the next version of Audacity will have a couple of extra keyboard shortcuts, but hopefully that won’t cause problems for anyone.

Preferences, macros and key bindings are stored in **Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity**. They should be automatically available (subject to compatibility described above)/

In short: 32-bit VSTs won’t work with 64-bit Audacity. Everything else should work automatically.

Thanks. I’ll fire up the old one and see if I can recover them