MIDI to computer keyboard shortcut implementation problem

Samsung NP365E5C-S02UB laptop running 64 bit Windows 10 Pro version 1803 OS build 17134.285
Audacity version 2.3.0

I’m using Bome’s Midi Translator Classic 1.6.1 to capture foot-switch presses from a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller and send them as computer keyboard shortcut presses to Audacity. The foot switches are mapped in Bome as:

Audacity function Audacity keyboard shortcut (MIDI program change sequence)
Play / Stop Space 0x C0 00
Play / Stop and Set Cursor X 0x C0 01
Loop play Shift + Space 0x C0 02
Pause P 0x C0 03

Testing using EditPad Lite 7 shows that the foot-switch presses are being sent correctly and show up as text characters on the screen. However, running the setup in Audacity doesn’t do anything. I also tried the setup with PassMark’s KeyboardTest product which also doesn’t show any key presses when a foot-switch is pressed.

Anyone have thoughts as to why the key presses are correctly translated in the EditPad text editor but not into Audacity? PassMark’s KeyBoard test may be intercepting keyboard presses at a lower level since it’s a hardware test, so that may be why it’s not showing the MIDI-to-keyboard translation, but that’s only a guess. Note that the Audacity window has focus when I press the foot switches.