Midi problems. Hello everyone, good afternoon

I have a confusión. I just imported a Midi file, but when I play it, it not sound. I used work with audacity, but never work before Midi files. I have 3.3 version

Only Windows comes pre-equipped to play MIDI from Audacity. For Mac (and Linux) you need to install a software synthesizer - and note carefully that you must run this and keep it active before launching Audacity

As it says in the Manual on the Notes Tracks page Note Tracks - Audacity Manual :

MIDI and Allegro playback

Note tracks containing MIDI data (or Allegro data) can now be played in Audacity. Loop Play and Play Cut Preview also work with Note tracks. But note that there will no use of the Playback meter while Note tracks are played. {{note|In order to achieve MIDI playback on Mac and Linux you will need to install, and run, additional software, a software synthesizer



Now that I’ve fired up my Mac I can tell you that the synth I use is called SimpleSynth64


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