Hi internet i could really use your help.

Problem: I cant find my keyboard in any drop down menu. i connected it via USB and it refuses to be easily found by audacity

Steps taken before post: 1. updated all drivers and made sure keyboard was an active device on PC.
2. Rescanned all devices to see if it would pop up again.

Path to solution: i know this might be an odd issue that im not exactly able to explain in great detail. but if anyone who has any know how or has experienced this problem wants to lend a hand id greatly appreciate it. I can make step by step screenshots and throw them onto a discord chat and/ or the better option is i can broadcast my display via twitch TV(the gaming streaming site). ive streamed for support before and the problem was resolved within seconds. by no means am i advertising my channel on there either i dont even stream bro.

thanks internet ill check on this forum every day.

Keyboard: Yamaha YPG-235

What’s going up and down the cable is MIDI instructions, not Music. You can get the keyboard to play the MIDI module in your computer and then record that. You can also get a MIDI sequencer such as CakeWalk (or equivalent) and use that to make a music file which will then open in Audacity.

There was a move to get Audacity to recognize MIDI instructions natively, but I don’t know how far that got.

You can use the analog desperation method. Adapt the headphone socket of the keyboard to the Audio-In of your computer, if you have one.


I have used a Behringer UCA-202 to adapt my MIDI keyboard headphone connection to a computer without a real audio input.

Pretend the sound mixer on the right is my keyboard.

Even better, the UCA-202 is certified for perfect overdubbing, so you can play all the instruments to a song one over the other. You would use real headphones instead of the Apple earbuds, but everything else looks just like that.