Middle click not opening new window on newer versions?


I currently use Audacity on three PCs. Mainly for voiceover recording & editing. All run Windows 10.

There is a weird difference between versions with how Audacity reacts to a middle click on the program icon on the taskbar.
On my main PC (which runs an older version of Audacity), middleclicking opens a new project.
On newer versions (the newest definitely and also 2.1.0 which I had installed on one of the laptops until today before updating) it does nothing. The icon flashes but it has no functionality.

It’s not a big deal, but for all other programs in my taskbar (browsers, Windows Explorer and such) this function works perfectly. So it seems that somehow this functionality has been removed inbetween versions. Was it on purpose or by accident?



As far as I’m aware, the middle click behaviour that you describe was never an intended “feature”. It is certainly a “platform dependent” behaviour (it has never worked like that on my Linux machine).

As with other applications, Audacity does not define all Desktop behaviours. For example, it does not define whether the windows “minimise / expand / close” buttons appear on the top right or top left - that is for the Desktop environment to decide. Many desktop behaviours are determined by the Desktop environment (including the “window manager” rather than the application.

I suspect that the change of behaviour may be due to Audacity upgrading from WxWidgets 2.8 to 3.0.
I’ll raise this issue on the Audacity QA mailing list, but don’t hold your breath for a fix - Google tells me that this issue applies to many other applications, so it looks to me like this behaviour is a bit flaky in Windows.

Works for me on 2.0.6 but not on 2.1.3 onwards

although until I tested this I never knew about this functionality