Mid-project editing a file suddenly sound is not playing

v3.3.3 mac Ventura 13.5
4.5 minute mp3, stereo music

Please help!!

I’m not a total newbie, have done podcast editing before. but I’m flummoxed

I’ve been trimming and condensing for hours, constantly replaying little bits to get it right, make a timeline, etc.

I did a crossfade to a 4 second section of the file.
I tried to cut a piece and add another track, couldn’t figure that out, so used Undo to back up. went to watch a video and came back - no sound,
playback looks like its working
sound meter is moving around looking normal,
my speakers are fine,
rechecked all my sound settings in and out of audacity
opened another file I havent edited, same problem
the file I exported earlier opens in Music player and plays fine.

Ive scoured help and forum and find nothing other than a page about the device toolbar, which I enabled. everything on it is grayed out.

So you probably just bumped the level control on the Playback meter.

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