"Microsoft Sound Mapper" name not displayed

After I updated my Windows 10 to update 2004, the “Microsoft Sound Mapper” name doesn’t get displayed, for example, the sound input menu says " - Input" instead of “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input”. What should I do to fix it?

You should be able to select an actual/physical input. For example if you want to record from your laptop’s mic you can select the microphone as your recording device.

I actually meant that the name “Microsoft Sound Mapper” doesn’t get displayed, not that it can’t be selected or used.
However, I’ve seen this happening in other programs as well. So, it’s not a problem related to Audacity.

I don’t get that option either but you don’t need it. As far as I know, it’s simply a pointer or alias for your default device. (It may only be available for the MME hos, but even with MME you might not see it.)

i.e. If you want to record from the microphone, select the microphone, etc.