Hi all,
I have just downloaded version 2.4.2 of Audacity to continue doing recordings for voiceovers. However, on the device toolbar I can only select ‘Built-In Microphone’ as my recording device, but I have an external studio mic. How do I change this on the toolbar please ?
Many thanks for any help

What sort of mic is it, and how is it connected to your computer?

If it is a USB mic, connect it to the computer before launching Audacity. The mic should then be available as a recording device in the Device Toolbar.

If Audacity is already running when you connect the mic, you will need to “Rescan Audio Devices” (in the “Transport” menu) so that Audacity can see it.

Thanks Steve,
I have a T-Bone condenser mic by Thomann, connected to a Behringer Utopia console, which in turn is connected to my laptop.
The mic was connected before I launched Audacity, so I will try your ‘Rescan’ suggestion.
Many thanks