What’s up guys. So I’m new to recording sound and video on my computer. I purchased the Scarlett 2i2 interface with USB plug and the AT2020 microphone. In Audacity’s device toolbar is not showing the AT2020 mic, but rather shows the Scarlett 2i2. So I’m having trouble activating the mic and thus recording. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Please, take a look at the pink panel at the top of the page and give us the Audacity version (all three numbers) and Windows version.

You are not doing anything wrong. The audio device is Scarlett, not whatever peripherals are attached to it.

Are you connecting the mic with an XLR cable to the first input on Scarlett? If so, all you should need to do is set Audacity to record 1 (mono) recording channels in Device Toolbar.


My impression is the Scarlett delivers two channels (stereo) whether you want them or not. Last time I tried, Audacity would not connect to a stereo device while set to mono. It’s possible newer Audacity will. It’s also possible Scarlett software drivers could make this possible.


If it proves necessary to record Scarlett in stereo, use the Audio Track Dropdown Menu to split stereo to mono, then use the [X] button top left of the redundant track to close it.